Thursday, December 4, 2008

bonniebluedenim's advent calendar

I miss having an Advent Calendar, so, inspired by my twitter friend who is making this advent calendar for all her online friends, thank you, StephanieInCA

I give you bonniebluedenim's version of a digital advent

Day 24: Can your dog/dogs do this? Still time to train them before Christmas?

Day 23: Bailey the Unknown reindeer, dog people everywhere will love him

Day 22: Looking for a unique place to spend the holidays, the new year, or summer vacation, check out these places from Jeff at My SuperCharged Life.

Day 21: Fun dancing reindeer and Santa, rated G

Day 20: Here are some Wacky Santa's you don't want to show up at the kid's party.

Day 19: Ok, it's time to play James the Christmas Zebra
Have fun! I scored 500 on my first try. Watch out for the exploding pudding.

Day 18: Send a Holiday Tattoo Santa to all your friends and family.....if you dare....

Day 17: Hello Kitty runs amuck for the holidays. I hope it's not on your preteen's wish list.

Day 16: Red or Blue state? You have to love Barney, tour the White House with the Barney Cam

Day 15 : Which of Santa's Reindeer are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Day 14: Need some glitter for your website, check these out from BlackDog

Day 13: Check out Erin Bode she also has a new Christmas album, I just heard one of the songs on the radio. Wow! Erin is from St.Louis.

Day 12: Ok, the cat people need equal time. Here is a fun photo

Day 11: Everyone needs an interactive Christmas Card.

Day 10: The lighter side of advent. Check out this blog, dog nativity, ok it's a few years old, but the photo is cute and maybe it's not too late to add your own caption.

Day 9: Eid ul-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice, falls approxinatley 70 days after Eid ur Fitr ( End of Ramadan) and is celebrated in honor of the prophet Abrahams's willingness to sacrifice his son as a proof of loyalty to God. Celebrations usually include presenting an animal ( usually a cow or sheep sacrifice) and the meat is shared with family, friends, and those in need.

Click on the link below for some craft ideas to use with children. This holiday is December 8 in 2008.

Day 8: Do you remember cutting snowflakes from folded paper? Make a virtual snowflake on this BHG website. You can search for my "virtual flakes" by clicking on "search" and entering bonniebluedenim, Saint Louis, and you'll see them fall from the "virtual" sky. Be sure to try making your own.

Day 7: Hanukkah starts on December 22, and I like to coexist and celebrate everything!

Here are some fun do it yourself sites that will be fun and get you ready for the Festival of Lights.

check out these gingerbread Dreidels from the Food Network.

or how about this fun R2D2 Droid Dreidel, just print it out on cardstock and fold on the lines!

And all of us who are clueless about what to do with a dreidel, should probably watch this video, it looks like fun, enjoy! ( Are those chocolate coins?)

Day 6: Maybe today would be a good day to start making an advent calendar for 2009. Here are some cool on-line instructions.

A cute little chest of drawers...

Little hand made envelopes hanging from garland on your mantel....

Here's a fun one for knitters

Here's a cool altered clipboard version...

Gather a few nuts and try this one...

Here is an assortment to peruse.

Day 5: Ok here it is, CHOCOLATE. Calorie free, guilt free, just plain free.

Day 4: Feeling like getting a puppy for the kids for Christmas, don't forget our shelter friends, , or

Day 3: Make sure your kids' toys are lead free, use this widget to help you check.

Day 2: It's never to late to send some JibJab's to friends and family.

Day 1: Are you clueless about advent calendars? check out this link. Or this one Christmas Puppy Advent Calendars. How can we live without it?

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StephanieInCA said...

Your advent calendar is so much more wholesome than mine!