Saturday, May 31, 2008


I confess, I have posted this picture several times......I really need to get back to NOLA and take some more fun photos. But it works well for SISIS (See It Say It Saturday) on ZNE BLOGZ. I love this Orleans Fairy, complete with wings and fun leggings. She was standing in the perfect spot, I can't help but calling her "Altered Art Live". Her colors and her background colors and the images in the window are absolutely perfect. When you gave her a tip, she gave you a sprinkling of fairy dust, a nod and a gentle smile! Maybe she is waiting to see what is behind the door, or is going to have a "reading" .

Over on the ZNE BLOGZ is a great piece made by Susan Tuttle.

I think Susan's red headed girl is also wondering about what's behind the door....and here it is in the middle of this field. She's kinda shy, but doesn't look frightened by the whole thing. AHHHH!!! Anticipation of the future. ( I won't start singing any Caryl Simon songs, promise.)
Susan will also be teaching at the ZNE Convenzione in August 2008. ( I am so lucky to be able to attend.) I look forward to meeting her at the many events that Chel, the Queen of ZNE has planned for us!

On See it Say it Saturday.... you look at the art posted, and then reply to that work with something of your here's mine!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


"Would you Eschew what a shoe might construe?" ....So asks Todd Garland, in his poem SHOES. I made this piece last year as one of the ZNE Design Team Challenge Pieces. I enjoyed the tiny printing ...around and around the shoes with the poem. When I was a in about 6th grade, we were on a family vacation in Michigan, and stopped in Holland, Michigan, at the wooden shoe factory. We all got a pair of wooden shoes. They made appearances throughout the years in the form of Halloween costumes on next to the fireplace for Christmas decorations. Hoping that Santa would fill the stockings and the shoes!!!

Another piece made last year, for the ZNE design team, It is an atc background, with a button and shoe, I added the text and the woman seated on the shoe. I know my grandmother had these shoes. I remember worrying that I would have to wear them when I got old. I was glad to see my mom hanging out in light blue KEDS during her final years. So all is not lost in the shoe department. The text below is from an old Red Pepper Burns book that my grandfather gave his mother when he was young, in the early 1900s. Don't you love the word "Torrid"!!!

I haven't totally lost my mind, I am posting these in response to the work posted Saturday on the ZNE BLOGZ for SISIS. Each week the work of a ZNE Artist is featured and everyone is invited to post some sort of response on their blog, and link it to the ZNE BLOGZ.

This flying shoe was created by Ana Marie Seaton. Be sure to visit the ZNE BLOGZ and play along.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I received an email a couple of weeks ago, that my card, shown above, would be in the June/July issue of Stamper's Sampler. I'm suppose to receive a free copy. It's always tempting to buy one at the store. But I will wait. It is suppose to arrive the first week in June. Only one more week. Have you seen it at the store yet. I submitted this to a challenge call for a card that is red/white/blue flowers. This stamp set is by Inque Boutique. I love the swirls.


I found this great photo of my dad, grandmother, aunt and their step-grandfather. It was taken Octoer 14, 1928, probably in Kansas City, Kansas area, or in Linwood, Kansas ( small town outside of Lawrence, Kansas where my grandparents grew up. Pretty fun photo. Needs to be in an art project. Check back later!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where is the 10th word?

Where is the 10th word??? Lost in my brain matter.....and will never be seen again. Recently, my husband and I have been applying for Long Term Care Insurance. One doesn't usually think about this...until you see your parents spend all their money on nursing home care. Well, for some reason I received the pleasure of taking an Alzheimer's screening test. Very interesting.

I was given a list of 10 words. They were read to me one at a time, the word was repeated. I was to repeat the word and use it correctly in a sentence. I was to remember the words and would be instructed to repeat them back, later in the interview.

In the meantime......I was given a series of number, starting with 3 digits and continuing on to about 7 digits...and had to repeat them back. ( No note taking allowed.) Then on to math ( yuck) , simple math ( ha) problems involving two digit numbers, subtracting, adding, multiplying, dividing.....paper and pencil would have been helpful....( not allowed.) then I was to list as many fruits and vegetables as I could....she eventually told me to stop...I passed fruits and veggies...what a relief.

Next you had to follow a list of instructions. Tap the phone once, say your name, tap the phone 3 times. Tap the phone 2 times, repeat some numbers , tap the phone 1 time. ( Or similar sequences of things.)

Then a series of questions. Name an animal with a long neck. What would you do if you locked yourself out of the house? What would you do if you smelled smoke and saw smoke in your house? What would you do if you discovered you hadn't paid your phone bill in two months?

OK, now that we are totally distracted.


Here is what I remember with the sentences....I think.

1. Chimney: Santa comes down the chimney.
2. Salt: I like salt on my popcorn.
3. Rug: I need a new rug in my living room.
4. Train: The train goes through the tunnel.
5. Harp: The angel plays the harp in heaven.
6. Meadow: Flowers grow in the meadow
7. Flower: A daisy is a flower.
8. Book: I enjoy reading a good book
9. Finger: You wear a ring on your finger

I remembered 7 during the phone interview. Sort of depressing. We'll see if I pass. Of course, they can't tell you how you did. She just said thank you and hung up. I sort of felt like they were going to come and take me away, since I only scored 70 % on my list of words. Obviously this woman is not capable of functioning out in the world. I came up with two more when telling my DH about it, but I cannot remember the 10th word. SIGH! If you happen to know what it is? Contact me please!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tag, You're it!

I've haven't been tagged since, about, 6th grade! I've just been tagged by Pam Carriker at thebagladysart. Pictured above is a piece of art that Pam posted on ZNE's See it Say it Saturday back in March. Pam doesn't know it but she is one of my art heros. I want to be like her when I grow up, she is a wonderfully gifted artist, juggling art and family...and as you see in her "tagged" post, still can fit into her wedding dress. Plus, she is published in all the best art magazines. She'll have a 7 page feature in the July/August Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine! How much cooler can it get!!

The rules of the game are:

1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.

3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.
Here are the six unimportant things about me...

1. I ran a marathon ( 26.2 miles) in the mid took me 5 hours and 45 minutes.
2. I collect bowling balls. They are lovingly displayed in my yard, and I have great intentions of turning them into some interesting altered art
3. I refuse to wear panty hose. I believe they cause cancer in labratory animals....can't you see the testing now...little mice and rats tugging at their panty hose to keep them up....
4. In college I filed a complaint with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, declaring that the University of Missouri was violating my rights under Title IX of the Higher Education Act. The University in 1972 had different rules for men and women about curfew. Not any more. The school had to change their policies or lose Federal Funding.
5. I took ballet lessons as a child until my dad saw the photo of me in a tutu.
6 I secretly want to be named Samantha, I'm annoyed that my mother didn't ask me. I have a dog named Sam.

Now to tag 6 people.......hmmmmmmm

1. Stacy Merrill has been posting some really cool art for the ZNE Convenzione Art show..
2.Lynlynch has some wonderfully cool photos and she sounds like a woman after my own heart with her garage sale purchases.
3.Kristy's Musings, the art world and work of fellow ZNE Design Team member Kristy C.
4.Susan Tidwell 's blog Artful Musings. Beautiful work! Check it out. On the ZNE Design Team, too.
5. Ann Butler's Designs another fabulous Design Team Member on ZNE
6. TiffanyJane Marshall's blog has beautiful images and music for the soul. ( also Design Team member on ZNE)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Charms, Fun & More

Next month, I'm heading out for my first summer art adventure to the ZNE Castle in the Meadow event in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to a fun castle art project, tour of the Dodge Castle home, and wine and cheese tasting, all of the attendees are going to particiate in a "charm" swap. I've never done a charm swap before. I have been experimenting with solidering and want to do more. So here is my project. I have the initials of the participants and have taken scrabble tiles, "double face" taped them together, applied the copper tape and jump ring...and started solidering. Each one is of course unique ....since there is no quality control. But I am pretty pleased with the results....not bad for a beginner. I have tied the charms to a coffee stained tag with a bit of red twill tape.
I use these giant tin snips to hold the charm, I ordered some steel bench blocks this week from Otto Frei I think they will help in the whole process. Sally Jean Alexander uses them in her book "Pretty Little Things", and suggests them for her workshops. ( which I hope to be able to take in August....more on that later.) Here's the little charm with just it's copper tape and jump ring ready for solider.
I've set up a little "portable" solidering spot on the back patio. We need to do a lot of work out there to clean up from the winter ( and last summer and fall and spring) but I'm not comfortable doing the solidering in the house yet. ( My father's daughter, obsessing about "hot" things left plugged in!)

Of course you have to have some music, even on the patio. Today we listened to Voices of the Wetlands. Check out this musical line-up.
Doesn't this look tidy....the only thing in the whole house ( in or out). It all stacks up on the vintage gingham trays to be stored on a shelf in the house, you don't want to leave your solidering equipment out in the elements. Rust is good, but not on your anvil or other tools.
The table, coat rack, and vintage trays are "rummage sale" treasures.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Collage Lost & Found

Another fun project for the ZNE Book Club. We're currently "altering" our way thru "Collage Lost and Found" by Giuseppina Cirincione. Creating unique projects with vintage ephemera.
This piece measures about 3 by 6 and features a tranfered image of my mom and her brother cira 1937 or so, my mom would have been about 15. I've used this image on several other projects. I love their "stand up and smile at the camera looks" on their faces. They are standing on a box of some sort in front of a wooden fence or wall, well weathered. ( The fence, they were too young to be weathered. They look like they are happy and content, but I think they had a pretty hard life, by today's standards. I like the quote from an old "Red Pepper Burns" Book..."Doing well, everything satisfactory, and I've not a care in tnhe world." Ahhhh ... to live so simply!
And even more July...for the ZNE Book CLub, I get to lead the book club, and will update the ZNE Book Club blog. What an exciting opportunity. I can't wait to get started. Our book for July will be Kaleidoscope by suzanne simanaitis, ideas and projects to Spark YOUR Creativity. It is written in the style of an Art ZINE and very different from any art book I have seen recently. Topics will include...passionately curious? Identity, mark making, Sanctuary, Imagination, Reinvention, & Obstacles.
Be sure to sign up , so you don't miss out on this adventure. You can sign up here "ZNE BOOK CLUB" proceeds from the book club entry fees go to help support A Place To Bark
"A PLACE TO BARK is a no kill foster and adoption rescue, in Portland , TN, dedicated to the welfare of animals. Established in 2001, we mainly work with Animal Control Agencies, rescue animals from high kill shelters and foster them till they are healthy. This provides the best possible situation, for the animals. They are then placed for adoption through Humane Societies in various parts of the country. We cover all costs for the medical care of the animals with no cost to the Humane Societies they are going to. We also do some private adoptions after a strict screening process. " A PLACE TO BARK is operated by Bernie Berlin a mixed media artist and author of several books including Artist TRading Card workshop.
Check back and see what's happening!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


It was the 2nd Anniversary
of my mother's death
April 1, 2008
Gloomy and overcast
Spring peered out
from between the clouds
And Sprouted
on the trees
Tulips bloomed
along the path
yellow, red, pink
I chose a spot
to sit and think
and snapped
some photos
at arms length.

A day at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Japanese Garden
Ahhhh!!!! Spring!
A scrapbook page for the Simple Scrapbook challenge "Self Portrait" you were to scrap a page featuring photos of yourself, taken by yourself. I played with my camera on a recent trip to the botanical garden, it's hard to take a photo of yourself, smiling with teeth without looking like you just sat in gum or on a tack, or in wet paint. I obviously didn't show those photos. Ahhhh, be the editor of your own life!