Monday, June 1, 2009

She is too fond of digital collage and it has turned her brain.

What possessed me to stay up til 2 am last night/this morning and then try to get up at 7:30 am and then work at all day. My brain has been turned by this whole digital collage thing. I have been wanting to do it, and trying to make software not designed for it, try to do it. I bought the Photoshop Elements 6, for under $100, and had only managed to make it crop, adjust lighting and add a bit of text and do some of the weird effects. BUT NOW, I am armed and dangerous...with LAYERS! Gosh. I drove the cashier crazy at Borders. I was there with Rick and I found one of those Photoshop Creative magazine, and for the first time, ever, they make sense. The digital art mags from Somerset....I get it! So bear with me while I torment you with these photos. The above was a quickie, I had to make something, and kinda threw this together. The background is a book case from Dover clip art; the daisys are a part of a vintage Christmas card from Dover as well. The photo is a "found" photo I picked up a couple of weeks ago either at Gypsy Caravan on Memorial Day or at the Belleville Flea Market. I can't wait to try some digital scrap layouts of my great nieces and nephew. More tomorrow! Check back if you dare.

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