Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leap of Faith - Rock n Roll Craft Show

It's a leap of faith that I took this evening and submitted my application thru ZAPP for the Rock and Roll Craft Show, to be held in St. Louis the weekend following Thanksgiving. I may have lost my mind. But it's all about following a dream and living the life I imagine. I have been postponing too many things, and had/have convinced myself that I let others manage my life. I am the only one in charge. ( Well, except for that God stuff, that is.) Generally, the only person stopping

Here's my artist statement. And the photos here are the photos I submitted of my work.
Now off to work.

Paper, textiles, fiber and STUFF, that’s what my ART is made of. I am inspired by vintage photos, and images, cast off quilts, linens and blue jeans. I enjoy making new and repurposed projects with paint, ink, paper, rubber stamps, repurposed fabric, embroidery and the quilted arts. As an emerging mixed media artist I continue to explore the conflict between decorative and useful; new and repurposed. Finished creations include cards, journals, collage, photos, totes, purses, ornaments, decorative and gift items for the home and holidays.

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Loudlife said...

Donna, that looks like an excellent submission! Good luck!