Monday, September 21, 2009

Change can be difficult

A fun page for the "So you think you can scrap" challenge at " Sisiversary 2009" Participants were assigned one of three scrap styles. ( See below) I was assigned the Graphic Dance. Here is my interpretative graphic dance. Three large color sections, no printed paper, no flowers, all text is cut from magazines. iPhone photo, editied with Camera Bag and Art Camera apps.

The text speaks for itself. As for being's more about accepting who/what I am.

Artsy Fartsy Dance
You MUST include paint.
You can use Glimmer mist (you don't have to.)
You cannot use more than 1 piece of patterned Paper.
You CANNOT use letters (thickers etc.) You can however use them as a mask, or paint your own words, or write. Just no premade stickers.

Graphic Dance - In honor of Jen Geigley.
You MUST use 3 Big, bold, swatches of color.
You CANNOT use ANY flowers.
You cannot use ANY patterned Paper.
You can use plain colored cardstock (but you don't have to).
You MUST use some sort of advertising, tag, or page from a magazine, or something of the sort.

Frilly Folk Dance
You MUST use at LEAST 5 Flowers, the bigger the better.
You CANNOT use ANY bright colors, you must use pastels.
You CANNOT print, you MUST use script/cursive if you write.
You MUST use some sort of lace/ribbon.

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