Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Playing again. I have an abundance of photo apps for my iPhone. With the camera that came with the phone, I have 13. Also flickr and photobucket. Does that make 15.

I am reponding to Chrysti's and Susan's "echo" challenge with my photo "echo" of the word of the week, "Abundance". Abundance is well....abundant in my life. I have all that I need, lots of what I want. It's hard to complain. ( I still manage.)

The photo is a shot of campaign buttons that were on display at the JM Davis ARms and Historical Museum. We stumbled across this museum on Old Route 66, our way home from Galveston, Texas, last week. There was an abundance of campaign buttons in this photo.(I of course used my new photo app, that Chrysti turned me on to, Cinema FX, using the WWll setting.) However, the musuem has a collection of more than 20,000 fire arms. And that was just the beginning. Mr. Davis's collection was abundantly unique. There was a lovely display of Sunday School pins and certificates, and just around the corner you would find a striking display of hangman's nooses complete with black hood and a newspaper article about the convicted felon's atrocity. Around the corner from that you find a local high school exhibit and then in the next row a collection of weapons confiscated by the local police. 1,200 beer steins lined one row. Another display showed an extensive collection of vintage western movie posters and collectibles. ( I loved the Bonanza coloring book.) And more!!!!

It was unique, interesting, disturbing, thoughtful and amazing.

This week I received two free magazines from Somerset Studios....more abundance. I have a card in the new Stamper's Sampler, and a card in the new Somerset Studio Gallery. I dabble with art, and if you have read previous posts I am in the process of reogranizing priorities so that I can manage my time in a more productive manner. I was feeling a bit like it wasn't worth the effort, and voila, the magazines showed up with my work published in them. A little positive reinforcement is a big motivator.

More on my cards in the next post.


moongipsies@msn.com said...

great photo... great post. Perfect for "Abundance."

Susan Tuttle said...

i LOVE this interpretation Donna!! So glad you played along:)

Brenda Lynn said...

Very neat photo and post. The museum sounds very interesting indeed. And, I'm interested to see your work in Somerset, too. Congratulations.