Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sunshine Vitamin

We all think we're immune to illnesses, other people get sick. I've been blessed with pretty good health for these past 50 + years. It's hard to complain. I do take meds for depression and anxiety, and feel those issues are being managed. So imagine my surprise when my bone density test indicated that I should take one of those once a month pills.

During the first month I experienced severe pain in my hips for several days. I was ready to buy a new bed, and throw out all the furniture that was now uncomfortable. I had checked out the meds on the Internet and saw this could be a side effect. I mentioned to the Doc at my next appointment. She suggested it might be a Vitamin D Deficiecy. Blood was drawn and tested and sure enough, my level was 18 and the Doc likes to see levels at 50. Another once a month pill. Pretty easy. I'm also increasing my milk intake, which I admit , I wasn't drinking what I should.

In addition I'm deliberately standing around in the back yard, in the sun for 15 - 30 minutes. I hang out with the dogs and read a book. I know I could garden , but there is something calming about just being . This sounds all so dumb.....duh.

Since Christmas I haven't felt like doing much, prefering to hang out at home and read. I was blaming it on the 300 sunless days we had last fall and winter. ( ok, my math is off , but you get the picture) and actually that probably was the reason. So if you live north of me, and have been feeling more gloomy than usual, have your vitamin d levels checked, drink more milk, and worship the sun, sunscreen free for about 15 minutes a day. Check with your doc if you have a family history of skin cancers and put on that sunscreen after 15 minutes or so!

The art journal pages are for my Journal 365 on line class with Pam Carriker. I'm inspired!!

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HeArt Collective said...

love the look of the journal page and HOPE you're feeling better soon!
Take good care of my friend (((hugs)))

whyte said...

Love your journal pages! Pam's class sound fascinating, her art is so inspiring, you're are surely doing it well my dear!!