Sunday, June 13, 2010

Artist Statement - Journal 365

Artist Statement - Journal 365

paper, textiles, fiber and stuff
that's what my ART is made of
I am inspired by vintage photos and images
cast-off quits, linens and bluejeans,
I enjoy making new and repurposed projects
with paint, ink, paper, rubber stamps
repurposed fabric, embroidery,
quilted arts
As an emgering mixed-media artist
I continue to explore the conflict between
decorative and useful
new and repurposed

bonniebluedenim is Donna Cook

do justice
love kindness
walk humbly


the portrait image above is made from a photo taken in 1976 
 of Donna Cook
with a pinhole camera
it has been photo copied and adhered to the journal
and painted over with acrylic paint
it of course does not look like Donna Cook

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