Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who will you be today?

Who Will You Be Today?

Who will you be today

From October - December I become heavily immersed in activities at . We pull together the last of the toys and gifts for the 4,000 children we serve each Christmas. Everything else takes a back seat. Or at least doesn't get it's fair share of time.

Who will you be today -1

Part of that problem is caused by lack of organization in my home and wanting to do it all.

The Journaling prompt for Lesson 7 in Pam Carriker's class on Creative Workshops addresses the issue of masks. You know, putting on the happy mask,when really you are everything but that. I know we all do that.

I find that when I'm busy doing one thing I'm yearning to do something else. I'm not sure that it means I'm not enjoying that particular moment or activity, but that I am failing to find balance, failing to prioritize, failing to be organized.

But whatever we decide or who we decide to be I will try to remember this paraphrased quote from John Jakes.

Be yourself. Above all, let who you are and what you believe, shine through in everything you do.

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