Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remembering My Dad

I remember my dad (and my mom) everyday.
 I have found journaling the way to remember my family and friends; and as a way to "ponder" quotes, songs, and scriptures." This page was published in the Winter Edition of Stampington's  Art Journaling.
 I began the page by applying a wash of Golden Acrylic Payne’s grey . In addition I added some Napthol Red in one of the corners. The Payne’s grey reminds me of the denim jeans, shirts and jackets my dad always wore. The red reminds me of the bandannas that dad always used as a handkerchief. The swirls are reminiscent of the bandana’s designs. I added some blueprint images from a vintage students blueprint study workbook.

A scanned, vintage photo of my father was added and I attempted to paint over it, but the rendering was less than satisfactory. I made another image and applied it over the painted image, and found that it to be much more compatible with the rest of the elements on the page.(Plus it actually looked like my dad) I found an image of an old metal lunch box on the Internet and painted over it with acrylics..

Limiting the color palette helps to tie the page elements together, as well as repeating images such as the stenciled swirls from Paper Pizazz, the Boilermaker image from Stamp Francisco and the poppies from Hero Arts.

The stamped images were stamped on scraps of paper and adhered with the mixed-medium. The poppy images were colored  with copic markers. A white gel pen was used for journaling and highlights. My father’s name was stamped with an alphabet set from fancy pants designs.

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