Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Do Monsters Tell Their Fortune?

Are you getting ready for the 31 days of Halloween, starting in just 17 days? I'm participating in a blog hop as a Wicked Blogger. At this point I have 15 pieces ready for the blog hop! It's all I can do to keep from posting them. The rules state, however, that the items are to be new pieces and never "shown" to the public. (Funny!) Check back here and you'll see a different post with Halloween and Day of the Dead Art and  Art from the Dark Side. I've been stocking up on Halloween goodies from the Dollar Tree and digging through my stash of stuff to put together  Halloween vignettes! Sounds like fun, hope you can join me. You'll also find this particular "art" piece on the Third Coast Design Team blog tomorrow. Check out the work of the other design team member while you are there.

In addition I used "paint brushes" from Obsidian Dawn to digitally enhance this piece for blog publication.

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