Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 - Anxiety

I'm experiencing anxiety as we approach the end of the 31 days! (LOL)
Well, sort of.
Will I get everything completed in time?

What about the other creative projects
and not so creative projects
coming down the path?

And what about those spiders and things that go bump in the night?

Anxiety is the essential condition
of  intellectual and artistic creation.

This was a journal page that I made with the 365 Journal Class at Creative Workshops with Pam Carriker. One of the suggestions she makes in the workshop and her book Art At The Speed of Life, is to take your own art work, copy/ scan or reproduce and use it in other projects.

Which is what I did here. It's so easy to scan and print, or scan, save to flash drive and take to Office Max and have them print. ( Not happy with my printer.....but that's another story....Office Max is close and on the way to everywhere.)

You'll notice the Martha Stewart stamps used, the spider web under Anxiety, bats in the upper right, and spiders in the lower left.  I have used assorted scrapbooking papers and elements that you may recognize.

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ike said...

WoW - that's a cool creation. Love your colours and that anxiety pikkie is awesome. Brilliant project and just how I feel !!!! xxx

Sharon Sahl said...

What a neat journal page and it makes me anxious just to look at that wonderfully expressive face! Love the journal suggestions too!

Laura B said...

Love the journal page and the project you made with that image! Really cool!:)

Steph said...

Love your project, way cool! And you used an image from your journal, how awesome is that! what a great idea. I'm feeling anxious too :)

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Donna... I LOVE this... and I feel that same way as the days are coming to end, as I am running out of steam!!! LOL!!! But we are so close... we can do it!!!!

Kristina said...

So how did you get that picture of me?? j/k but really I'm anxious all the time... But I have pills for that, LOL. Really though Donna, Love your project it turned out awesome! Great job girly!

Jane said...

A great project love it
Luv Jane xxx

Susan said...

Your images depict Anxiety well!
however I have to disagree with Mr. Frankel. I have anxiety it does not add to art. It takes away ones MoJo, and often times ART is the CAUSE of one's anxiety. I'm sure you can agree with that.

monique said...

awesome page, love the card too

DonnaMundinger said...

How cool is this!?! Your anxiety pic really captures the emotion. Fab page and card. XXD

DK Spins said...

Awesome journal page Donna! Love the main image - total anxiety. Way cool!

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Cool journal page Donna!