Monday, November 10, 2008

ginkgo biloba leaves

It started off as a gloomy fall day. The weather report grim. A hard freeze is expected this evening and those plants that have been hanging on in the planters are sure to bite the dust tonight. Then after midnight, rain. Rain will mark the end of the fall leaf photos til next October. I wandered out to my non-profit group ( ) and was struck by the yellow leaves. Driving down the street, there would be a car, covered with yellow leaves, and the contrast with the charcoal asphalt was striking. I didn't have my camera. I took care of my assorted projects, headed back home, and got it. Those darn people cleaned off their car. But all over town, these ginkgo biloba trees were sheddingtheir leaves at precisely the same time, and almost all of them at once. I drove aimlessly through Tower Grove Park ( need to remember there are other drivers, they managed to miss me, whewwww). I stopped and took a couple of photos and one of the ladies from the Knitter's Guild saw me, she was headed to the BRO with Build A Bear bears we gave them last year, that her group knitted little sweaters and hats for. I told her to tell the folks I was distracted and would be back shortly ( I am a volunteer). Then, Eva from church drove by, she was as excited as I was by the leaves. Ok, we were starting to back up traffic. I drove around and got a few more, outside the fence at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The photos don't really do the day justice, the contrast was impressive. So my friend Chrysti at Altered Abbey asked on Twitter today....What did you do that was creative, well here it is.

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