Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Odds and Ends of Life

Some musings.....

The election came and went, and how exciting was that. I worked as a Democrat Election Supervisor at the St. Louis County Poll that was located in the Tesson Ferry Library. Concord Township - 96. There were 1300 voters who braved the beautiful weather and the threats of long lines. Some waited over an hour to vote in the early part of the day. After about 11am we had a steady flow of people. Everyone was orderly and polite and patient. What more could you ask for. Well. I got more. The people I voted for actually won for a change. We didn't make Missouri a Blue State, But St. Louis county was true blue for Barrack Obama and Jay Nixon.

America is a wonderful place and all we can do is try to find common ground, and work together for the good of all the people!

Staying busy preparing for Toy distribution with my non-profit group I need to do some blogging for them. We have already packed up toys for over 1500 children. The agencies will be picking up their toys during the next two weeks. First on the list is the Juvenile Court of St. Louis, they will be picking up over 250 toys and books for their Winter Festival.

Our toy distribution days at our office will be December 1 - December 5. Parents and social workers will be coming in during those days to pick up gifts for their children and clients. During that week we will distribute toys for 1750 + children. Our trusty team of holiday volunteers will show up and give us much needed help! Hope to post some photos.

We received a donation of 3,000 books from First Book. We had to rent a UHaul to get them in one trip! There were 6 pallets!

Hasbro Toys sent us 101 toys for our distribution!

Art has gotten placed on the back burner, there are some Somerset STudio submissions I hope to make in the next few weeks.

We have Thanksgiving Dinner at our church. My friend Dena and I will host, we have done this the past two years, this will be year 3. My house is too small to have family and friends in, so we have it at church, invite folks who have no plans, and have three ovens to roast the turkey, bake pies and breads. It's fun and there's always room at the table. ( Not to mention room for more than one table!)

St. Louis weather is turning cold and gloomy, but the leaves are still brilliant and hanging on. Winter is sneeking in!


A fun little dog collage, made on a rolodex sized card!

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