Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting off an "Artful New Year" by taking a class with I signed up for "Visual Journalism 101" with Pam Carriker. Pam and I serve together on the ZNE Design Team. I had the honor of being in the same Stamper's Sampler as Pam. I love rubbing elbows with the talented and famous! Check out Pam's blog to see some of the beautiful journal pages she is working on, it will inspire you

If you are an aspiring artist, like me, you might struggle with "white page syndrome" . Is there anything more intimidating? I will leap into all kinds of arts and crafts, including soldering, wielding a circular saw at a mission trip work site, singing karaoke in front of strangers, playing the tambourine in the middle of a pretty conservative church, but a blank page, in a bound journal, spare me!

Our first week we are working on filling the blank pages. Ideally you would do this at the end of a painting day, to use up paint left on your palette. Pam wrote a wonderful article about this in a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine article. It's a great idea.

Then you might stamp some images with some staz-on ink, or with some acrylic paint. My page with "first class" stamped about wasn't coming out like I wanted, so I used up the rest of the gesso I had out to cover the unappealling image, and's kind of interesting.

Pam is showing us some of her secret painting techniques...sssshhhh....we can't tell.

Those giant foam stamps work really well with gesso.

This is where I am right now. Waiting for next Monday and the next step. In the meantime, I'll fill more pages with paint, and see what happens.

And when I'm not doing art this is what I do.


Charlie said...

Your pages are coming along beautifully. I went out and bought the watercolor notebook so now I'm working in two journals. I can't wait until the next class. Love these online classes.

PCarriker said...

Hey roomie! Love what you are doing with your pages, very cool almost a southwesty feel (I love southwesty stuff with a twist:-)Can't wait for convenzione and to meet you IRL