Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Art Journaling

Continuing the art journal process,, in my class with Pam Carriker. Here is part 1 .

I like the colors and the doggie and butterfly

My mom and uncle have been showing up in a number of projects.

S& H green stamps and some doodling with a white gel pen and sharpie markers.

I just like this image

this screams "Scrapbook page" which is ok....

butterflies and scroll-y paper scraps

that's combining collage and some doodling on the watercolor pages primed with acrylic paints..and some rubber stamping......we'll see what happens next. I'm enjoying the process.


PCarriker said...

Fabulous pages Donna! I love the one with the diamonds on it!

Pat said...

Love the pages. The diamond page is wonderful!

Karla Laura Smith said...

Hi Donna,

Just had a moment to hop on your blog it see how you are doing. Love your work, it truly filled that missing place in my soul, I long for daily. You put a bounce in my step for the day.

My life has been robbed by many hiccups and have even been robbed of all time to post on my blog since Christmas Eve. I hope to have a bit of time this week-end when the Super Bowl is going on. I love seeing all those commercials. I love the gathering of friends it creates too.

I hope to see you in the Spring at ZNE and soon be able to catch up reading the ZNE web-site to see what type of class you will be teaching. Did'nt I read that you are teaching?

We'll my dear, thanks for the inspiration for my day as I will be entering a court room around noon since I am dealing with the loss of my Father and a mess of what has happened with the handlings of his wishes from his estate. It's truly an ugly place to be, but I will fight for my Father's wishes to the end.

Have a good day!
Warmly with Hugs,

Debbie Warnock said...

Your art journals are beautiful! I love the one with the S&H Green Stamps...brings back many fond memories. It's amazing how interesting ordinary things can be when used in unexpected ways!

EWian said...

I am super happy for you, art journaling is so much fun!


PCarriker said...

Hey Donna,
Just wanted to thank you for participating in my workshop:-) I am so looking forward to meeting you IRL, roomie!