Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art In A Carton- Ready for mailing

My work for Art In A Carton is complete and just about ready for mailing. Time to take some photos and do a blog post and see what else will fit. We were suppose to make a carton, decorate it, and fill it with art. Here is what I did. I had some little lunch tins, that were calling to me from the supply shelf. I painted them with gesso then marked them with a grid, similar to what I did in the class I took with Lisa Kaus, see my side bar. I painted each little square with a primary color, trying to limit the palette to yellow, blue and red, then I toned it down with some burnt sienna. Inside of each square I adhered an image from a birthday napkin, then covered liberally with matte gel medium. I really enjoyed this whole process.

Each of the people I am sending a project to will get one of these tins and similar contents. A vintage hankie lavender sachet,tied with a ribbon. My avatar atc, an atc with a vintage Christmas Seals sticker as a focal point, a set of 10 different ( I think there are 10) vintage playing cards, an assortment of atc sized decorative papers, a Dover publication Old Time stickers, 15 feet of pastel fiber, a See D's rubber stamp, a vintage St. Patrick's Day post card, a decorated tag, a vintage cigar band, and who knows what else I can tuck into this little tin.
It doesn't exactly meet the size requirements, but I don't think the recipients will be too disappointed.
I was having trouble devising a carton, and these tins just spoke to me, how can you say NO to art? These little lunch boxes will be heading out to Susan Letham in Rendsburg, Germany, Jill Sullivan in London, England and to Dawn Walker in Roswell, Georgia, USA.

I'll also enclose one of the birthday napkins, maybe the recipients will want to use the tin as a birthday gift and make a card to match. Each one is signed by me....bonniebluedenim.


Anonymous said...

How do I get you to create a tin for moi? Omgosh -- they are darling! I am so envious!

JillzWhimzy said...

You did a super job & I remember those cutie napkins well :) Ice-cream suppers are best!

EWian said...

Your art in a carton looks grate!!


Carole said...

Very Cool, Donna. I never liked working small, but doing ATC's and the few tins i did do, changed my mind!