Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here is the second image.... and the final image for this project! I kind of like the circle copper tag.

On the ZNEnetwork we are working on the end of our January Book Club selection, The Complete Guide To Altered Imagery by KAren Michel. It has been a fun book to work with. On this project we altered an image with the computer. You'll see the photo in my avatar altered for this project.

I converted it to black and white and then took the contrast and brightness to extremes, adhered it to a scrap of mat board, applied gesso around the image, then used one of those cool multil-lead water color pencils to apply color around the image.

Then I stamped over the water color with an image of a star and angel, it is hard to see in this photo....I can't decide which version I like best.

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HeArt Collective said...

hey bonniebluedenim!
thanks soooooooooo much for offering to help with the cranes. i didn't have an email address for you so that i can send you my snail mail addy so that you can send the Cranes, but I'll go to the Design Team boards at ZNE Network
and post it there. I just don't want to put it in a public place...