Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pretty Lady and Peace Cranes

The pretty lady in the atc is from the March collage sheet for the ZNE Design Team. The cool background paper is from the ZNE Store "Za Lotta Grab Bag". The text is from an Asian newspaper and it could say that I have a used car to sell, or looking for cute single men. I don't know. I altered the image with the mosaic texture on Photoshop Elements 6. I like that look.

Now..below .....no laughing please, is a fun mobile I made with stuff from my ZNE Za Lotta Grab Bag, great asian stuff. The cranes are from oragami papers I received in that stash as well as the little drum with bells, the back scratchers that became the top of the mobile, (incidentially, I used my cool, dremel tool to drill holes, my father would be proud) and the flappy things. The cord, and beads were from my stash. Who doesn't have a craft stash somewhere in their house? ( If you said yes, I have some great stuff to share with you.) I wanted to take the mobiles photo outside...alas, it is snowing again in St. Louis, there are of course no leaves on any trees, the wind was blowing about 20 mph with 30 mph gusts. I didn't want to chase the mobile down the street, my neighbors think I have lost my mind already, I think it's the pink bowling ball in the flower bed, but hey!
Click on the photo to see an enlargement and a close up of the cranes and other cool trinkets.
I have to see what else I can come up with from this great stash of stuff. I'll post the stash photos later.

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