Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gridlocked - ZNE Convenzione Workshop

Here it is! My first art retreat project...ever in my entire life! Wheww.....I took a wonderful class with Lisa Kaus and we learned to use her style of "grid" collage..which I'm loving more and more. The finish is beeswax. So....what did I learn. A little structure in layout'design, use and techniques of fluid acrylics...(yes, more supplies needed now) and graphite pencils/crayons, how to attach 3-d embellishments, and beeswax techniques using a heat tool and mini iron. Lisa was delightful, very calming, gracious, generous, encouraging. I loved how she walked around the room offering praise, encouragement and and suggestions. She would "ask" if she could show you something on your art...and then would demonstrate, without intruding on your work. An excellent example of teaching!!!! If you are related to me or among my close friends in St. Louis ( or around the world). Plan on being tormented with a new style of art!!!

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Robinsunne said...

Hi, I come to you from art-in-a-carton. I am #50. Sounds like we have a while to go yet... more time to think about my cartons.
I really like this grid piece. I have always liked grids.