Saturday, August 9, 2008

More To Love

I love Peace Signs and rainbow roses,

Blue, purple and red and yellow.
Raspberry pick-up trucks and political bumper stickers.
Refigerator magnets that say "From the Kitchen of..."
Free stickers in my junk mail
Doggie photos and my grandma's kitty cat cookie jar

Birthday parties and Ice Cream Punch

Magnetic daisys for your school locker, cardinals at the birdfeeder, chipmunks with chubby cheeks.

Charm bracelets from my teenage years, yearbooks, and vacation postcards.

Leather jackets, new mittens and wooly scarves.

and a few good snow days.

1 comment:

Bernie said...

Hi Donna, we love a lot of the same things but I have never seen the rainbow roses before, they are so beautiful. I can't sleep without my window fan which is not in a window and runs year round in Michigan, I just love the sound.
I wanted to wish you a day filled with the things you love.