Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My love list!

What do you love?

I love black eyed susan’s in the sun
Bowling balls in my flower bed

I love dogs and their laughing faces
Vintage bikes with street numbers

I love pretty boxes of homemade cookies
Desk drawers filled with summer plans
I love rubber stamps
Stuffing as many as I can in a clear container

I love wild things growing by the garage
And grass growing between the patio bricks
I love ribbon , fiber and fabric
Paper, photos and ephemera

I love the sound of a window fan, cooling the room
A steady humming comfort noise
I love new pencils, crayons and dolls
Fresh bread , jumbo shrimp and French fries
I love the sunrise outside the kitchen window
And the shade trees sheltering our home.

I love searching for sea shells, rocks and leaf skeletons
Sharks teeth and fossils
I love lavender and cone flowers in bloom in summer
And monarch butterflies heading south each August
I love rainbows in the mist of crashing waves

Babbling streams on mountain trails, neon signs in the French Quarter
And museums of art in my home town.
I love the rolling plains of Kansas with sunflowers all in a row
And the most incredible green on the planet
I love stacks of vintage linens, old quilts and blankets
I love rummage sales, thrift stores, and stuffed boxes of treasures
I love crispy pizza, chili mac, and guacamole with chips
Strawberry shakes, cherries and whipped cream.

I love digital photography, blogging and eye candy websites
I love tote bags filled with books, folders and umbrellas
I love Volkswagens , old and new
I love historic houses, presidential libraries, and national cemeteries
I love dinner coupons, buy one get one, and discount movies
I love popcorn, diet coke with lots of ice and cherry vanilla Dr. pepper
I love a good glass of wine,…..on the rocks
Chai-tea latte from the 7 -11
Check out Chrysti's fabulous blog and see her beautiful artwork, and enter this fun contest, and tell about things that you love....the ordinary in your life, that is extraordinary

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