Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was a fun night at roller derby Saturday. Have you ever been? One of the women at my church plays in this roller derby league. Very cool. Our adult fellowship group, wandered out for a new adventure. I was impressed by their abilities and strength! Not sure I would give it a try today. My mother would have said it was a "hip waiting to be broken". Maybe at 35 I would have. I broke my ankle playing volley ball when I was 44, so I'm not sure this would be a good sport to start now. But it was certainly FUN to watch and try to shoot some photos, I had a front row, floor seat, great for shooting the action and even got a few shots of our wild woman, Cami, a/k/a MIDWIFE CRISIS. She's the greatest! Check out her DH cheering her on!

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