Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is who I am and what I do...well some of it. Ok, a lot!

This is what I am about most of the time. I am an artist - there, I said it, but spend an enormous amount of time working with And I love it. I've decided it's not unlike what Bernie Berlin does with her Place to BArk. And I should just unabashedly promote it. Yep unabashedly is the word. Now there are a few differences. She has been in magazines and has published books. I have been in magazines.....I HAVE!

I work with this group most Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays. I shop for toys at bargain prices, write grants, maintain a website, maintain a blog, pack toys, schmooze with donors. Yesterday I shopped 2 Michael's stores and bought all of the Art Kits they had on sale for $2.99. Hit the TJ Max, where they had the cutesy school kits ( you know cool folder, pencil case, pencils, notepad, etc) for $3.00 ( got all of them too). Stopped in the Kohls, but no bargains that day...usually I get a few deals. Hit the local Wal-mart Super Center, which, surprisingly is not the best place to buy bargain toys, but I needed some sweatshirts and a backpack, a sports poster and, yes, rap CDs. I did find a few things, but better toy deals are found at Big Lots and Tuesday Mornings.

Here is the latest post on the BRO blog I maintain our new one...

Since I shopped Tuesday, packed toys today, I'm going to reserve Thursday for art projects. But first I have to go pick up an exercise ball that I located on FREE CYCLE.( For our Gateway Wheeler School clients.) Friday is back to the BRO, I have way to much stuff to get packed away. Saturday evening I am selling Macy's Shop For A Cause tickets. With our proceeds from the evening going guessed it....BRO-St.Louis.

The Gateway-Wheeler State School for the Severely Handicapped is one of the agencies we are honored to serve. They are located in the City of St. Louis ( 63103) We will be providing toys for 87 children. The children range in age from 6 - 20 years, and have a mental age range of 3 months - 8 years of age. There are boys and girls and many of the children are in wheelchairs.

In the past we have provided toys based on gender, age and mental age. Guessing at what would be appropriate. This year we have asked the staff for a "wish list" of items that were needed by the children, or that would be most appropriate for the children. We are doing our best to try to fill their requests within the limits of our financial capabilities. Would you like to help out?

Here are some of the things we need.

  • Children's Music CDs
  • Baseball hats
  • Children's story books on tape/cd
  • Play musical instruments - piano key board, tambourine, drums
  • Portable CD players/Radios ( 5 0r 6 of these would be nice)
  • Edmark Reading CDs ( K - 3)
  • Rap CDs ( Nelly, Alecia Keys)
  • Large See and Say toys ( animals, rhymes)
  • Tyler Perry Movies
  • Woman's Ring size 9 -10
  • Portable/ hand held electronic games
  • Exercise Ball - large
  • bubble machine
  • wagon ( for 8 year old girl, mental age under 1 year)
  • Digital watch ( 17 year old - mental age 8 years)
  • Comedy DVDs
  • Race car game ( 19 year old - mental age 8 years)
  • Posters of sports heroes
  • Scooter board

If you are able to help us out you can email us at or call 314-865-1677 or send a check to BRO 4262 Cleveland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 and tell us what you would like us to use if for. If you are interested in donating thru PAYPAL contact us thru the email address above for our account name.

Our toy distribution begins Monday, December 1 , 2008. We anticipate serving 3,200 + children this year. Keep us in mind if you are cleaning out the kids closets! We'll take those gently used toys and books!

SO, folks, that's what I do with my time. Tomorrow, after the exercise ball pick's time for ART, of course I must walk the doggies first!

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