Saturday, September 20, 2008

My blueDawg story

I'm loving my bluedawg. Here's the story. I love dogs, I love blue...and purple, red and combos there of.

When I was at the ZNE Convenzione last month I took a workshop with Lisa Kaus. During the class we worked with fluid acrylics and graphite pencils, water color crayons and pencils. I had used acrylics before, and pencils and crayons, but not for a long time and NEVER together. I sort of "grided" the dog like we did in Lisa's project, . I divided up the dog's components using the graphite pencil.Like we did the grid on our ZNE project. I enjoyed this. I have been doodling dogs in a sketch book and this was an adaptation of a doodle.

I put one of those "water marks" across the photo, balanced on blueDawg's noise. ( I know there are other more famous Blue Dogs and I probably shouldn't call him blueDawg but that's who he is today.) Well, the "water mark" is so someone won 't steal my art. There was a huge article in the new Cloth Paper Scissors, I think, about the issue of posting your work on your blog, and how it could cause you not to be published, etc. And people might steal your work.Well, I'm going to risk it. Plus what's the point of blogging without visuals.

I'm not showing the second drawing. It looks like blueDawg on bad steroids. I was watching a Suzi Blu video,on her blog, A Lovely Dream...I would put a link but typepad seems to be "down" right now. ( thanks Chrysti-Altered Abbey for the link) and she pointed out that our art work won't always be wonderful, that we have to learn and practice, don't we all know that. But want to believe it applies to everyone else.You don't start out running marathons, or singing a new song perfectly, or anything without trial and error. So here is my art. ( Which reminds me of Keith Lamb, my Drawing instruction at Meramac Community College.....we were to post our art on the bulletin board and everyone would look at it, and Keith would critque it...very kindly, too.....and we were to proudly point at our work and say, loudly....."This is MY Drawing!"

I want to explore more whimsical dogs. I know, people do it. But so what. I like this whimsical dog. I think the eye's need work,they look like carriage lanterns. I like the polka dots and the lower part of his noise and mouth.

blueDawg is my painting

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Loudlife said...

Hi Donna!

I love your "Blue Dawg!" The polka dots and eyes are great!

I'm back to the blog after a long, summer-break induced hiatus. I'm having a give-away in honor of my 100th post. Stop on by!