Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life of a Trial Juror - Day 2

Up early, again, 5:30 am. I move slowly. Plus, I have to share kitchen and bathroom space with Rick. Normally we don't need to occupy the same space at the same time. We will be in serious trouble if he decides to retire. Packed a diet dr. pepper, cheez-its and a power bar in my bag with my assorted books and headed to the metro link station.

Bought another round trip ticket with a $5 bill and got a not so shiny Sacagawea Dollar as change, obviously NOT a quarter. Arrived in Clayton after a 10 minute ride? It was fast! Followed by a short walk to the court house. I was instructed by the nice lady at security that I didn't need to put all that stuff in the basket, it could be in my purse. ( The sign implies that electronic devices may need to be inspected and that large jewelry may set off metal detector. I put my Sally Alexander pendant and my copper watch, palm pilot and cell phone in the little basket. I didn’t want to tell the nice lady I would lose it if I stuck it in my purse. )

Up the escalator, but missed the first elevator going up, got involved in reading the bulletin boards and discovered that apparently the judges take turns being the Jury Commissioner. Interesting. I think in the City of St. Louis this is a political appointee, I could be wrong.

Signed in, they scan your little bar code from your id badge, very efficient. Checked out the vending machine, and bought some fruit snacks. (I know, I had cheez-its, but I wanted something sweet and chewy) As I listened to the change going into the machine, I was thinking, oh, they keep this up pretty nicely, the machine was full of snacks. Then a fellow pointed out his coffee from the vending machine looked like weak tea. Maybe it was weak tea? Just how do those machines make coffee anyway?

I headed to the same chair as yesterday. It was under a spot light of sorts which made reading more comfortable. Then I worried I would have a hot flash. Shortly thereafter I was chilly. Who can explain. Got out my copy of Michael De Mung’s Secrets of Rusty Things. This is the ZNE Book of the month selection. ( or as I like to say our Autumn Book Club selection.) Studied the next three sections and made copious notes to use for the next assignment. I need to go explore the REStore store. Actually it’s the Habitat for Humanity Store. It sells construction supplies that have been donated or are being recycled. It might work as a source of stuff, but it may be too new. I need to check out a junk yard. Nonetheless, I will be able to post the next assignment in a timely manner.

Then a nap was in order.

I saw the same lady from yesterday who had talked about how tacky it was for attorneys to advertise. She apparently had been lost in the garage yesterday while looking for her car. Today she didn’t remember that she had a badge she was suppose to show. She took a nap, too. So did several other people. Some wear of the size that they could curl up in their chair. Bummer.

Overheard telephone conversations in which jurors described their jury experience to family and friends. One of the ladies that sat on the same panel with me was describing her bike accident with a car that excluded her from the Wal-Mart parking lot accident case.

About 10:30AM another very nice lady appeared and announced that the cases that were pending for today had either been settled or postponed and we were excused. The crowd cheered.

Headed home via MetroLink, it always makes me feel sort of Washingtonian when I ride it. Came home, ate the cheez its, finished the book, now, time for a dog walk while the weather is still beautiful!

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