Monday, October 20, 2008

ZNE Book of the Month Club

I'm excited, to once again, be coordinating the assignments for the ZNE Book of The Month Club. We're working on Michael de Meng's wonderfully, colorful book, The Secrets of Rusty Things.

Just what does this mean???

Chel in the Land of ZNE sends me the book! I study over the material and devise a writing assignment, an art project and other prompts for the book club participants. Each book will have 4 weeks of assignments. The participants post their reponses to the Discussion Boards on the ZNE Network. I take their responses and post them to the Book Club blog for the world to see. Sometimes we don't share all the secrets so you need to sign up!

Each participant also receives a ZNE goodie bag, that I put together from my stash of stuff! ZNE covers the postage. A Place To Bark receives $10 of each participants registration fee.The Book Club went "LIVE" today, so there is still time to sign up. ( the link may show the last book club title, but it's still the place to sign up!) We will conclude this book in mid December, stretching out the assignments, with one in October, two during November and the final one in early December. There is ample time between assignments, and extra time for Thanksgiving and completion in time for Christmas.

Our next book club will start in January, we'll be working on "Artful Paper Dolls" New Ways to Play with a Traditional Form, by Terry Taylor. Lots of time for all of you international ZNE fans to get your book online!

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