Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twilight Chapter 2

Chapter 2 from Twilight. set the stage for more action.Established Edward and Bella's uneasy early relationship. Bella's class schedule, school routine, and all about cell division. I used some stock photos from Microsoft Office Photos, you can get some simple clip art. There is an image here of a girl looking in a microscope, another of very enlarged cells, and a math equation written on a chalk board. I still can't escape the "green". Class was in building 4. This piece has the feel of a scrapbook page for me, which is ok. I wanted to establish the reason for the OPEN BOOK title for the chapter, Bella's mom's concern for her, and of course, Edward finding Bella "difficult" to read. Why is that? hmmmm... I wonder...

Oh, by the way, I am officially addicted to digital collage with PSE6.

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