Saturday, June 14, 2008

Collage Lost & Found - Week 4

Our last week working in Collage Lost & Found with the ZNE BOOK CLUB. I love all the ideas and techniques in this book by "Josie" Cirincione. Easy to follow instructions and great photos that show you "how" it's done. Our last project was to make a domino or game piece pendant, and tell a story.

The pendant with the girl and dog is one of my favorite clip art images...I love dogs...and the words "good friends" come from a Bobbsey Twins book my mother received as a Christmas gift from her parents in 1931. It is really beat up, other people would have put it in the trash by now, but it is perfect for making collage pieces that need words and this edition has great words about family, Christmas, travel, animals...very fun stuff.

Both pendants make me think of last weekend at the Castle in the Meadow event, in Detroit, Michigan. Good friends love you no matter what, and I find the zne art group loves you and your work, matter where you are on the art spectrum.

The castle is one of the castle images we received from Luna Girl, the words are also from my Bobbsey Twins book, a chapter title. I was searching for words and came across "Safe from the storm" and thought how the castle had kept us safe from the storm that hit the area at the end of our day. The staff and police asked us to stay til the tornado warning passed. I was amazed at the damage along the route I traveled back to my hotel in Novi/Livonia. If we had left the Castle at the designated time, we would have been in the middle of the these pendants are dedicated to the wonderful participants at the Castle in the Meadow party! they still need beads and wire....and the diamond glaze.....

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