Monday, June 30, 2008

Michele Beschen - DIY Network

Ok! All of your creative types, crack open your piggie bank, use some of that rainy day money, sell your worldly possessions on ebay, beg, borrow, ( no stealing). Find a way to get to the ZNE Convenzione!
Michele Beschen, Host of the HGTV and DIY Network television show - B Original! - will be attending both 2008 and 2009. In 2008 she'll serve as the ZNE Show Hostess on Friday night. In 2009, she'll be the keynote speaker on Friday night!
That's just the beginning of the excitement at the ZNE Convenzione! So be sure to check out the ZNE site . I love this quote from Michele, it sums up the philosphy of so much about why I love ZNE and ZNE events.
“It's our job to help people find that creative place within themselves. We all have it, and it can lead to some amazing discoveries, you just can't be afraid to create something – anything – that in the end, is going to be as individual as you are.” - Michele Beschen
I am so excited to able to attend ZNE Convenzione and am looking forward to meeting many little time! And then to get the opportunity to meet her again in 2009! I'm speechless ( I know, you really don't believe the speechless part!)!
Learn more about Michele Beschen on her blog, Courage To Create. Don't miss her website here... or this link to her show
So...if you don't hear from me at the end of August...this is what I'll be up too!!! Don't you want to come, too!


Nicole Austin said...

Thank you for your comments and visiting my blog! I look forward to meeting you, too! What class are you taking? I'm really excited and can hardly wait until August.


bonniebluedenim said...

I'll be taking Lisa Kaus' class!