Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gina Gabriell's Tangerine - ZNE Convenzione Field Trip

One of the highlights for me during ZNE Convenzione is the Monday Field Trip. I was able to stay an extra day last August and again this year. I wasn't disappointed. It was great fun to spend the day with Chel, Nicole, Julee and more on a day spent shopping in some fabulous stores in Pleasanton, Dublin and Berkley. I would never have found my way to these shops without Chel's contacts in her local art world.

Our first stop was Tangerine. Proprietor Gina Gabriell, greeted us with tea and pastries. Always a hit with wannabe artists. She has a lovely little shop in Dublin, which I think doubles as part of her studio. You can find her original art all over. In addition are all sorts of gift items, and supplies for the mixed media artist. I purchased one of her hand made gypsy fortune tellers, you remember those from your school days, I'm sure. I also bought a cute little vintage wooden toy that she picked up on a recent trip to Paris. Check out her blog for info about her trip.

Chel and Gina

In addition to fabulous tasty treats, we made some little eye candy treats as well. Each of us made one of these little treat purses, and she gave each of us a "kit" to go.

I really enjoyed visiting with Gina in her special space, and working on these little treat purses. A tip I shared:When you use your hot glue gun, and you have all those annoying glue stringies...well....use your heat tool and blow a little hot air around your work, and the little stringies just disappear.

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Nicole Austin said...

gina's store is truly my favorite. so enchanting and full of wonderful goodies! the tea and pastries were a delight and who could ask for better company? :) thanks for the glue gun tip, too!