Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marcia Harmon's Cottage Jewel : ZNE Convenzione Field Trip

Just when I thought it was safe to put the wallet away, we traveled on down the road to Danville to Marcia Harmon's Cottage Jewel. A wonderful store full of jewels, linens, photos, and goodies, too numerous to list, all from a vintage era past. Sigh...and displayed so delightfully. I couldn't stop taking photos. I'll let them speak for themselves ( the photos). I ended up with some vintage photos, one a souvenir from Fisherman's Wharf, a vintage silver Ethiopian ear ring and a little silver and enameled watering can pin. ( It of course had sunflowers in it and I had to have it.) Marcia was so thoughtful to let me take photos of all her colorful vignettes.

Chel checks out the wares, while I surprise Marcia with a photo.

Pretty in Pink

Symphony in White

Bingo Cards with vintage buttons and baubles.

Marcia hams it up for the photographer, she wants you to have one of her cards.

very cool photo op.

Julee finds something cool and needs to have its photo snapped.

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Nicole Austin said...


great photos! you have captured that day so perfectly! reading the post and viewing the photos was like reliving it again! it was nice to see you at convenzione again. what a fun field trip that was.