Monday, February 8, 2010

Con men on the metro

Well we wandered to the Metro thinking there was service to the airport, we waited around for the Blue Line. A little Eastern European fellow told us we could take the orange line to L'enfant plaza and get the yellow line to the Pentagon and get a bus. We arrived at L'Enfant and there was the little man offering us a ride to the airport.

I gave him that middle school teacher lecture, and said we were going the other way! No way I was riding with him!

We reported him to Metro Police, who directed us to the Hoilday Inn where we hope to get a legitimate cab ride

More adventure to follow!

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Location:Independence Ave SW,Washington,United States


Anonymous said...

And why didn't you trust the Eastern European man? Are you geographically prejudiced?

bonniebluedenim said...

Don't mean to be but probably am, I've also seen too many episodes of NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc , not too mention the book equivalents! I know, " give me your tired, your poor," etc, but I don't have to get in a car with you! Just ask me for spare change don't arrange my itenerary!(