Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Juicy - Trumpet - Echo

Echo with Chrysti & Susan, check out the link in the side bar.

This week's word is "juicy", which brings forth all sorts of interesting images.

For some reason brass instruments came to mind, and this image I took in Galveston Square, Galveston Texas, November 2009. It is of course taken with my iPhone and manipulated with at least 3 photo apps.

Ya need a bit of juice to play these contraptions and I gave it a bit of a watery overlay.

Won't you join us with your echo?

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winnsangels said...

So lovely. Unique. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous image.

Alyice Edrich said...

I cannot believe that image came from an iphone. Amazing. Great job.

Gina McCaleb-Rudder said...

I have a couple of apps on my iphone but I don't think I could get this result! Isn't it weird that I find myself grabbing the camera phone over the slr so many times :-) Would love to know what apps you are using!

EWian said...

Wow, brass instruments looks really wonderful in blue, who knew. Thanks for sharing.


Susan Tuttle said...

how COOL is this!!?:)))