Sunday, February 21, 2010

International Postcard Swap

Sometimes my "art" gets set on the back burner by involvement in assorted BRO projects. Really, I try to plan my time better! I'm blaming it on winter. So when I feel a need for some creatively, I find that a  swap opportunity sometimes presents itself.

Hannah lives in Stockhom, Sweden and has a fabulously creative blog. I found Hannah through my ZNE friend Eli Wain on Facebook, of course.
And  Hannan's  swap? Postcards! 160 swappers signed up from throughout the world. Amazing! We were assigned the task of making 10 postcards, and Hannah emailed us the addresses. My cards, went out all over the world. Boulder, Colorado; Suffolk, England;Northamptonshire, England, California; Rochester,New York; Annandale,Australia; Highlands Ranch, Colorado;Downers Grove, Illinois; Iha Santiago, Cape Verder; Pasadena, California.

My art post cards are shown above, as assortment of Freida Kahlo Art Revolution, made from San Francisco Museum of Art flyers I picked up while visiting at the ZNE Convenzione, May 2009. And I'm into the ransome note style lettering.  The base was made from scrap mat board and an old game board. I gessoed the base, layered a vintage book page, added ochre fluid acrylic, and sponged some brown staz on ink. There are little pieces of scrapbook paper, looking like rulers, along the top and bottom. Layers of matte gel medium and soft gel medium.


I've received 4 cards back so far! First "a Sunny Hello" from Amanda in Minnetonka, MN

Coming in this week as well was this colorful postcard complete with stamp from Chestnut Hill, Honeoye Falls, NY, I can't find a blog or website for this one yet, but I'll keep looking,
This fun card with a wonderfully painted flower is from Cynthia Clack, with an art quote. "Art? You just do it1? " Martin Ritt. You can find Cynthia's art on her blog
Also arriving in time for this post is this "paper pieced" work from Anne Redwood in Hampshire, UK. I don't have a link for her yet either. Be sure to check out the flickr group.

And here are some links to the swappers I sent cards to.

Vickie Porter, New York
Suzy S, Australia
Lisa Colorada
Nancy in Downers Grove, IL

More to follow as the USPS makes its daily delivery.


HeArt Collective said...

sounds like fun, donna!
keep us "posted" ha!

In My Head Studios said...

I absolutely adore the postcard I got from you today! It is amazing! Thanks! -Vickie

EWian said...

Your card look so grate, the detail with the ruler adds a lot of dimension.


Christine said...

A slightly belated thank you for my lovely card, it's beautiful :)

Pearl Maple said...

Postcard swaps are great fun, images from holiday destinations are great but once an artist adds their own stamp on it all the better.