Sunday, February 7, 2010

SNOMG Blizzard of 2010

Back in October, my friend Dena and I were bemoaning about how busy and stressed we were and that we needed to run away

We decided we needed to take a weekend, see a museum and do some crafts. The first weekend of February was the first date we could come up with. Dena would take a long weekend, and I would put the BRO on the back burner and we would head out to Washington DC. We would hit the museums and hang out at the motel in the evening.Dena would do crochet and I would do some digital art.

So here we are! We saw the American History and Natural History Museums on Friday, Watched the snow fall from Rosslyn at the Best Western and trapsed through the snow to the Iwo Jima Memorial on Saturday

Sunday, we boarded the Metro and headed to the Mall, and waded through the snow to the Monuments!

Conditions are looking good for a Tuesday, late, afternoon flight back to St.Louis!

We've enjoyed our trip and yes, we knew there was SNOW in the forecast, but we really didn't believe that there would be 12- 30 inches of snow! (We're from St. Louis!) We're impressed by the emergency responders of the DC area, they do great work!

We'll be back!

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