Saturday, April 19, 2008

Catch A Falling Star,See It Say it Saturday, ZNE BLOGZ

Donna Cook a/k/a bonniebluedenim
It's See it Say it Saturday in the Land of ZNE. Each Saturday a mixed media art piece is featured and you are invited to post a response to that work. Shown below is the piece for this week. A lovely piece created by Glenda Bailey. As a Zne Design Team member I got to pick several pieces to be featured. This was my first pick. I love the dreamy girl saving all her stars, to wish on, for something special. I think I was also attracted to the color scheme, my favorite combos of magenta and blue. It's a pleasing layout, very comforting, and the black and white accents make the image and colors pop right off the page.

My response is posted above. When seeing Glenda's piece, I immediately thought of the song "Catch A Falling Star" (....put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. We sang that song in high school choir. The 4 part harmony was wonderful...but I digress as usual.) I love this Dover Clip Art image of the girl, with her umbrella casually laying on her shoulder. I think she belives her wishes will all come true. Look at all those stars!

The background was fun to make. Using gesso and my Alexstamping sky tool stamp, I made a background page on a large piece of blue cardstock, I cut out a 4 by 4 piece and then cut the rest into atc sizes for future projects. This stamp has a funny shape but your just smear it around your page and reink as desired, and you create some interesting effects.

The text letters are cut from headlines from my most recent L.L. Bean Catalog. ( I hope they don't mind, it keeps a little trash out of the landfill, of course I do recycle the rest of the catalog) The black and white borders are scrapbooking border stickers from " One Heart ...One Mind". I got a huge roll of them at "Tuesday Mornings". ( It was a deal I couldn't pass up")
ZNE is a wonderful online art community that has become my "virtual" home away from home. ZNE was founded by Chelise Stroud Hery . ( The loving Queen of the Land of ZNE) When I refer to ZNE as a community, I mean that in the most wonderful sense of that word. It is an international group of mixed media artists who support, educate, promote, care for, share with , and love each other.

Glenda Bailey

In the meantime.....wander over to the ZNE Blogz and tell us your response to Glenda's work. It doesn't have to be a mixed media piece, it can be a quote, your thoughts, a photo, a poem. Enjoy!


Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

That is such a beautiful response, Donna - I love all the stars, very dreamy!

Peggi xo

HeArt Collective said...

thanks for sharing your response, miss!

i love the background and the sly sort of look on the little girl's face!