Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trouvaille et Part is a fun game on the ZNE Network. Trouvaille et Part translated from French means:Find and Share. It is a fun, interactive, and creative game on The ZNE Network! The game started with the first post, by "asking" for something. It could be a color, a theme, a thing, etc.The next poster uploads a piece of their artwork that directly relates to the "ask" - and then, they get to ask for their own color, theme, thing, etc.The asks can be as general or specific as the person posting 'the ask' wants them to be. Members can upload art they have already created or artwork they created specifically to relate to "the ask" - but time is of the essence in this game, because whoever replies with the apropriate artwork gets to generate the next ask.

A long is my response to "50s furniture". My work here includes a 1955 photo of my mom with her new television. I was two at the time. It was my parents first television. Pretty cool. I think you can see the antenne. It was a big circle. There is a vintage silver paper doiley and vintage silver stickers with "mom" and 1955. The paper strips around the edges list events that I thought were interesting that occured during 1955. I had some "Easter Seals" from 1955 that I attached next to the strip about the Salk Polio vaccine being introduced.

Here are the events I included in my collage.

Salk Polio vaccine introduced April 12, 1955
Gunsmoke debuts September 10, 1955
James Dean dies in auto accident September 30, 1955
Racial segregation forbidden on interstate trains and buses, November 5, 1955
Rosa Parks arrested December 1, 1955 for refusing to give up her bus seat.
President Eisenhower sends advisors to South Vietnam, January 12, 1955
Marion Anderson sings at the New York Met, January 7, 1955
West Germany becomes a sovereign state, May 5, 1955
Lady and the Tramp debuts June 16, 1955
Disneyland opens, July 17, 1955
Donna is two, August 16, 1955

Earlier I responded to an "ask" for pajamas....

An ATC featuring 1948 Christmas Seals....a boy in pajamas complete with feet and a back door. The fire looks cosy. My "ask" was for an airplane.

My new "ask", in response to the 50s furniture is for a harmonica!!

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