Monday, April 14, 2008

Her Father's Daughter

The Zne Book Club is working on "Collage Lost and Found" this month. A very cool book by Giuseppina Cirincione, you can see it below on my "book shelf". I'm a little behind on my projects. This one was to feature an art piece that had an element that you could open, such as a door or window. I have this lovely window stamp from Lost Coast Designs.(Oh no, I just checked out their website and I think they may have a few new things I "need". But, I'm saving up to attend a couple of art retreats this summer, so I will resist the temptation!)

This piece is made with the window stamped and embossed on some celery cardstock . The background papers are fromn Daisy D and Basic Grey. Scrabble tiles, and text from a Red Pepper Burns Book. We were to reveal something about ourselves inside of the window. I am a pretty open person, and pretty readable, most days, so I was having a hard time coming up with something that most people didn't already know about me.

But I ran across the text from the Red Pepper Burns book, "Courage for facing things - the unknown, and other piece of text " After all, she was her father's daughter." and "anxieties that really matter."

It made me think of my father and how he and were alike...being worriers...among other things. We would worry about the iron being left on , or the coffee pot was plugged in, or to check the back seat of your car. Most were good things to be concerned about. But we would obsess about some of them at times. I think we did it, hoping to control some of life, when we have so little control over most of it. So I think we both would Choose Courage, to face the unknown....and worry about things that were really our families and friends. This was an interesting project to work on.

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