Friday, April 25, 2008

ZNE Convenzione Submission

I finished this piece yesterday, actually I did all of this yesterday. I was bound and determined to " make art" and I did; this piece and some inchies, which I will post later. I have used this Dover Clip Art image on several projects. I like her. I've been trying to use supplies that I have to make my art, as opposed to going to buy more, or print more. ( You know it's Earth Day month, plus I'm saving up $$$ for my summer art trips!) The black wings are from ZNE, the 60 is a Brazilian postage stamp image, and the music and words are from a vintage church hymnal. Mystery is a Stamp Francisco image. The background is a piece of Basic Grey Scrapbook paper and a vintage playing card.

The ZNE Convenzione is in Pleasanton, CA at the end of August, and I have decided to go. This piece has been submitted for a juried selection for an all ZNE mixed media art show to be held at the time of the convention. To learn more about what I have been up to and adventures to come, check out this link.ZNE CONVENZIONE

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Peggi said...

This is incredible, Donna - beautiful and amazing work!

Peggi xo