Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ZAFTIG - Under Construction

Under construction! Finally time to work on some art. These are chunky book pages. Zaftig Chunky Book Pages. So...the book will be deliciously plump, and carry its extra weight very well! AHHH don't you love that definition!

zaftig : Deliciously plump, or carrying your extra weight very well.

Zaftig Chunky Book pages measure 4 by 4 inches. One should allow about 1/4 - 1/2 inch on the left side for binding. I'm suppose to make 30. Here is what has happened so far. I have posted a couple before, but I have since added to them. Some of these are still under construction.

These are going to be sent off to California in a couple of weeks! ( Before July 19, as I am heading out on the mission trip with church that day...we're heading to Gulfport, Mississippi to work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Wow....that's coming up here pretty quickly, we'll be back July 26.)

I digress...of course. I am trying to make the pages from "supplies on hand". There is an over abundance of "supplies on hand". But if you are an artist/craft person, you know the hazards of a new project and the desire that over comes your common sense and makes you head out to Red Lead or one of those cool on-line stores like Altered Abbey, and you just have to buy something new for the occasion, with some women it's shoes. I can't find shoes to fit, but I can find art supplies problem!

Plus, with the money I'll have that much more to spend at the Art, Paperie & Pleasantries Fair held on Sunday August 24, in Pleasanton, California. ( Yet another ZNE Convenzione Event!)

The Zaftig Book Swap is another exciting feature of the ZNE Convenzione!

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