Sunday, May 25, 2008


"Would you Eschew what a shoe might construe?" ....So asks Todd Garland, in his poem SHOES. I made this piece last year as one of the ZNE Design Team Challenge Pieces. I enjoyed the tiny printing ...around and around the shoes with the poem. When I was a in about 6th grade, we were on a family vacation in Michigan, and stopped in Holland, Michigan, at the wooden shoe factory. We all got a pair of wooden shoes. They made appearances throughout the years in the form of Halloween costumes on next to the fireplace for Christmas decorations. Hoping that Santa would fill the stockings and the shoes!!!

Another piece made last year, for the ZNE design team, It is an atc background, with a button and shoe, I added the text and the woman seated on the shoe. I know my grandmother had these shoes. I remember worrying that I would have to wear them when I got old. I was glad to see my mom hanging out in light blue KEDS during her final years. So all is not lost in the shoe department. The text below is from an old Red Pepper Burns book that my grandfather gave his mother when he was young, in the early 1900s. Don't you love the word "Torrid"!!!

I haven't totally lost my mind, I am posting these in response to the work posted Saturday on the ZNE BLOGZ for SISIS. Each week the work of a ZNE Artist is featured and everyone is invited to post some sort of response on their blog, and link it to the ZNE BLOGZ.

This flying shoe was created by Ana Marie Seaton. Be sure to visit the ZNE BLOGZ and play along.

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HeArt Collective said...

Soooo Cool!
I love the wooden shoes, the button shoe, AND the word TORRID!

thanks for playing along with me and ZNE!