Saturday, May 31, 2008


I confess, I have posted this picture several times......I really need to get back to NOLA and take some more fun photos. But it works well for SISIS (See It Say It Saturday) on ZNE BLOGZ. I love this Orleans Fairy, complete with wings and fun leggings. She was standing in the perfect spot, I can't help but calling her "Altered Art Live". Her colors and her background colors and the images in the window are absolutely perfect. When you gave her a tip, she gave you a sprinkling of fairy dust, a nod and a gentle smile! Maybe she is waiting to see what is behind the door, or is going to have a "reading" .

Over on the ZNE BLOGZ is a great piece made by Susan Tuttle.

I think Susan's red headed girl is also wondering about what's behind the door....and here it is in the middle of this field. She's kinda shy, but doesn't look frightened by the whole thing. AHHHH!!! Anticipation of the future. ( I won't start singing any Caryl Simon songs, promise.)
Susan will also be teaching at the ZNE Convenzione in August 2008. ( I am so lucky to be able to attend.) I look forward to meeting her at the many events that Chel, the Queen of ZNE has planned for us!

On See it Say it Saturday.... you look at the art posted, and then reply to that work with something of your here's mine!


HeArt Collective said...

I just love that photo and its an excellent art response!

Thanks for reminding me of Altered Art Live... we have some of that here in SF... its true... people dressed head to toe in silver and copper... really a trip to try to explain to your 4 year old! :)


Loudlife said...

What a great photo and experience!