Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where is the 10th word?

Where is the 10th word??? Lost in my brain matter.....and will never be seen again. Recently, my husband and I have been applying for Long Term Care Insurance. One doesn't usually think about this...until you see your parents spend all their money on nursing home care. Well, for some reason I received the pleasure of taking an Alzheimer's screening test. Very interesting.

I was given a list of 10 words. They were read to me one at a time, the word was repeated. I was to repeat the word and use it correctly in a sentence. I was to remember the words and would be instructed to repeat them back, later in the interview.

In the meantime......I was given a series of number, starting with 3 digits and continuing on to about 7 digits...and had to repeat them back. ( No note taking allowed.) Then on to math ( yuck) , simple math ( ha) problems involving two digit numbers, subtracting, adding, multiplying, dividing.....paper and pencil would have been helpful....( not allowed.) then I was to list as many fruits and vegetables as I could....she eventually told me to stop...I passed fruits and veggies...what a relief.

Next you had to follow a list of instructions. Tap the phone once, say your name, tap the phone 3 times. Tap the phone 2 times, repeat some numbers , tap the phone 1 time. ( Or similar sequences of things.)

Then a series of questions. Name an animal with a long neck. What would you do if you locked yourself out of the house? What would you do if you smelled smoke and saw smoke in your house? What would you do if you discovered you hadn't paid your phone bill in two months?

OK, now that we are totally distracted.


Here is what I remember with the sentences....I think.

1. Chimney: Santa comes down the chimney.
2. Salt: I like salt on my popcorn.
3. Rug: I need a new rug in my living room.
4. Train: The train goes through the tunnel.
5. Harp: The angel plays the harp in heaven.
6. Meadow: Flowers grow in the meadow
7. Flower: A daisy is a flower.
8. Book: I enjoy reading a good book
9. Finger: You wear a ring on your finger

I remembered 7 during the phone interview. Sort of depressing. We'll see if I pass. Of course, they can't tell you how you did. She just said thank you and hung up. I sort of felt like they were going to come and take me away, since I only scored 70 % on my list of words. Obviously this woman is not capable of functioning out in the world. I came up with two more when telling my DH about it, but I cannot remember the 10th word. SIGH! If you happen to know what it is? Contact me please!

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