Thursday, May 8, 2008

Collage Lost & Found

Another fun project for the ZNE Book Club. We're currently "altering" our way thru "Collage Lost and Found" by Giuseppina Cirincione. Creating unique projects with vintage ephemera.
This piece measures about 3 by 6 and features a tranfered image of my mom and her brother cira 1937 or so, my mom would have been about 15. I've used this image on several other projects. I love their "stand up and smile at the camera looks" on their faces. They are standing on a box of some sort in front of a wooden fence or wall, well weathered. ( The fence, they were too young to be weathered. They look like they are happy and content, but I think they had a pretty hard life, by today's standards. I like the quote from an old "Red Pepper Burns" Book..."Doing well, everything satisfactory, and I've not a care in tnhe world." Ahhhh ... to live so simply!
And even more July...for the ZNE Book CLub, I get to lead the book club, and will update the ZNE Book Club blog. What an exciting opportunity. I can't wait to get started. Our book for July will be Kaleidoscope by suzanne simanaitis, ideas and projects to Spark YOUR Creativity. It is written in the style of an Art ZINE and very different from any art book I have seen recently. Topics will include...passionately curious? Identity, mark making, Sanctuary, Imagination, Reinvention, & Obstacles.
Be sure to sign up , so you don't miss out on this adventure. You can sign up here "ZNE BOOK CLUB" proceeds from the book club entry fees go to help support A Place To Bark
"A PLACE TO BARK is a no kill foster and adoption rescue, in Portland , TN, dedicated to the welfare of animals. Established in 2001, we mainly work with Animal Control Agencies, rescue animals from high kill shelters and foster them till they are healthy. This provides the best possible situation, for the animals. They are then placed for adoption through Humane Societies in various parts of the country. We cover all costs for the medical care of the animals with no cost to the Humane Societies they are going to. We also do some private adoptions after a strict screening process. " A PLACE TO BARK is operated by Bernie Berlin a mixed media artist and author of several books including Artist TRading Card workshop.
Check back and see what's happening!!!!

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slommler said...

How exciting that you are going to lead the book club. Hoorah!! That is super!! I have my book already; this time I am prepared!