Friday, May 2, 2008


It was the 2nd Anniversary
of my mother's death
April 1, 2008
Gloomy and overcast
Spring peered out
from between the clouds
And Sprouted
on the trees
Tulips bloomed
along the path
yellow, red, pink
I chose a spot
to sit and think
and snapped
some photos
at arms length.

A day at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Japanese Garden
Ahhhh!!!! Spring!
A scrapbook page for the Simple Scrapbook challenge "Self Portrait" you were to scrap a page featuring photos of yourself, taken by yourself. I played with my camera on a recent trip to the botanical garden, it's hard to take a photo of yourself, smiling with teeth without looking like you just sat in gum or on a tack, or in wet paint. I obviously didn't show those photos. Ahhhh, be the editor of your own life!

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