Sunday, July 13, 2008

Church Doodle #1

I really want to do the art journaling thing. I always start a journal and then get distracted....for months, then start a new one.....get distracted for months...then start a new one, or buy a new one, and think this must be really special....must save it for some occassion that never happens. You get the picture.

So I am trying again. I've decided to start a series I will call Church Doodle ( my apologies to Pastors Chris and Alan at There are always great sounds bytes in their sermons, or lines from scripture or songs that inspire something....I need to build on that. I have made some church banners in the past, and make baptism banners for the kids when they are baptised.

This particular church doodle makes me think of a drawing I did in Kindergarten, I remember drawing a house, with bubbles coming out of the window, and the bubbles had those little rectangles that looked like window. For some reason the drawing disappeared and I didn't get to take it home. Sigh...I have spent the rest of my life ( not really) trying to duplicate that drawing. Anyway I vividly remember it.

I decided to start my church doodle series by remembering that drawing, I confess, I did this during th sermon. I sit in the choir loft, no one can see me. It did help me concentrate on the sermon. I have some key points in the lower right section. Be good when the seeds of God's love is spread over you, you are ready to accept, do not be discouraged...especially if growth is slow...leave the rest to God. Not a bad thought on many levels. SOOOO see I did listen. The text around the drawing is "thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path".....the song that lovely Kim sang today.

The bulletin is almost always a sketch of the church, that has been screaming to me for some time"ALTER ME". Probably shouldn't tell folks that the bulletin cover speaks...or that I hear those voices. But you get the idea.

Below is a Pentecost banner I made 10 years ago, and a baptism banner from 2 years ago.

I'm heading off to Gulfport, Mississippi on Saturday with our church Mission Team, so church doodles will be put on hold. We will be visiting the Gulfport Presbyterian Church, maybe they have a doodle-able church bulletin. Check back later!

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