Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Content with the contents and the container

The ZNE Book Club is working with Suzanne Simanaitis' book Kaleidoscope, ideas and projects to spark your creativity. I have the honor of being the book club assignment coordinator. You would think I could do my own assignments. I am of course behind. Getting ready to go on a mission trip, finishing up work with the BRO and today was at lunch with my retired teacher's group.

We are to discuss the concept of artist vs. crafter, what are the differences and what do we consider ourselves. I'm still struggling with calling myself artist. But I think I am more than a crafter. Crafter is not a bad thing, crafters and artists are both creative, and obviously produce a quality finished product. I THINK, I don't KNOW, that the artists creation MAY be more original thought, requiring inovation perhaps. And now writing this I am disturbed by the whole discussion. My friend Iris, considers herself a "technician" she admits she is not real creative, she doesn't come up with the original idea. ( Sometimes she does and they are lovely). She says she will take the idea and will crank out as many as you need, exactly alike and well executed, and she does. She is not an artist. She says she is not an artist. Maybe the whole thing about being an astist is saying and believing it to be so. I am still working on that.

Included here is a poem and a visual representation of the poem, that I wrote in 2003 at a workshop during the 2003 churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women, Louisville, KY. I took this class with Nikki Williams, New York.

Content With The Contents and The Container

Blue Jean Babe
wears no dresses
only cotton
NO polyester

Hot Flash!

Really big shoes….
Give me cake the size of my shoes!

Hot Flash!

Really big shoes
Give me CHOCOLATE the size of my shoes!

I wear my feelings on my sleeves
There’s a message on my chest
(and love in my heart)

I use to wear a vest.
(God’s not done with me yet.)

Hot Flashes….Limit the vest
Now I sweat with the BEST!

Here’s my hair
It’s wash and wear

My glasses
Well….they just…sit there!
They help me to see
Can you see what’s inside of me?
(God knows)

My hands craft quilts
My voice sings praise

There’s not enough time
for All these days

Time to Draw

Cut fabric


Never do what you’re told.

Donna Cook July 11, 2003

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