Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 19 - 26, 2008 Mission Trip OHPC

Saturday July 19, I am heading off to Gulfport, Mississippi with a group of friends from Oak Hill Presbyterian Church. We will be doing Hurricane Katrina recovery work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. This will be a great technological experiment. I am going to post to "twitter" from my cell phone and "text" photos to my friends Iris and George to post to the church "twitpic" account. Don't ask me to explain how it works. We just hope it does. So you can check here for a photo or two, and some twitter comments. Keep us in your prayers, on many levels. We'll be thinking of all of you!

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chrysti said...

You have an award waiting at my blog! Come & Get It! It's the post entitled - Showin’ Some Blog Love - Meet new Folks!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me!