Monday, July 28, 2008

Gulfport, Mission Trip, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Our Church mission trip to Gulfport, Mississippi was a huge success. Check out the church blog for more stories.

Check out this lovely outfit. That shirt has been on 5 mission trips. San Antonio, where we built wheelchair ramps, D'Iberville, Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina clean -up, Houma, Louisiana for Hurrican Rita clean-up, Welch, West Virginia and now....Gulfport, Mississippi.

I learned how to operate this table saw and how to cut left inside and outside mitered corners and of course right inside and outside mitered corners. Pretty cool! Still have fingers and toes!

Our group completed a lot of the finish work on this home for the McGrew Family. We installed base board, quarter round, door trim, light fixtures, ceiling fans, floor transitions, closet doors, door knobs, porch lights, caulked baseboard, painted trim.
Whewww....I've lost track.Their trailer had been knocked off of its pilings by the storm, and also lost its roof. It of course rained in a great deal and damaged everything. The family will be moving in to this new home in about a week. It has taken about 7 weeks to complete. All volunteer labor except for the electrical connections and plumbing installation.

The folks in Gulfport are amazing. I'm impressed by the ordinary people who work together to rebuild their community in such an extraordinary way

It was an honor to work with the 15 other participants from my church on this project. Looking forward to next year, wherever that may be!

Out of Chaos ....... Hope!

Check back here for more stories!

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